Nait Accredited

Farmers Transport is New Zealand's 1st NAIT accredited Transport Operator.

Animal Movements Goes Live

Animal Movements Goes Live


It is now possible to record animal movements in the NAIT IT System. Animal movements between locations with different NAIT numbers need to be recorded with NAIT within 48 hours of the movement taking place. Both the person sending and the person receiving animals need to record the movement (the receiver will typically just confirm the record created by the sender). For instructions on how to create an animal movement.

NAIT has also received its first data file from a NAIT-accredited information provider. Artificial breeding company CRV Ambreed has sent its first animal registration files to NAIT. CRV and other information providers will be providing information to NAIT on an ongoing basis, on behalf of farmers who have nominated them as their information provider. For a list of NAIT-accredited information providers.


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