Nait Accredited

Farmers Transport is New Zealand's 1st NAIT accredited Transport Operator.


Farmers Transport is New Zealand’s first NAIT-accredited transport operator and can report to NAIT cattle and/or deer movements on your behalf, as required under the NAIT legislation.

This service means that as a Farmer/PICA (Person In Charge of Animals) you do not have to scan animals and declare that movement in the NAIT system yourself.

Utilising our service means you can be confident that RFID scans at pick-up (point of origin) and or delivery (destination) are 100% accurate.

We are here to help you get it right each and every time.

Our system ensures that your information and your declaration to NAIT as it relates to you, is reported accurately. We remove any chance of errors arising from a reliance on another party’s information (tag file) being reported on your behalf.

You want to know that the animals you sent or received match the RFID tag numbers reported to NAIT. With us there is no room for stock to have been mixed, swapped or simply missing post scanning if your stock are scanned at a time prior to movement.

We are experienced in the use of scanning equipment and our industry leading systems and operations personnel will ensure you have a hassle free NAIT reporting experience.

Accrediting Farmers Transport is exciting as we have worked hard to ensure the NAIT scheme builds on existing sector infrastructure. It means farmers can use an existing transport service to carry out their NAIT obligations. Farmers Transport’s accreditation shows it is a smart, client-focussed operator.

NAIT Chief Executive, Russell Burnard.

Obligations and Requirements

Leading Agency businesses, Stock financiers, Corporate and large Family farming enterprises rely on our systems to compliment their management systems.

The National Animal Identification and Tracing Act 2012 says that when moving stock, PICA’s have some specific obligations.

As a PICA you are required to notify to NAIT the RFID identity of the stock recieved from other locations – Sale Yards or other farms.

Section 31 Obligation to declare movement of NAIT animals

  1. (2) A declaration must be made both by –
  2. (a) the PICA at the location from which the animals are moved (point of origin) : and
  3. (b) the PICA at the location to which they are moved (destination).

Section 33 Every PICA must ensure that information that must be provided to the NAIT organisation under this Act is –

  1. (a) accurate at the time it is provided