Nait Accredited

Farmers Transport is New Zealand's 1st NAIT accredited Transport Operator.

FT Services

How we Roll

Livestock Cartage

Farmers Transport is well known as a specialist livestock transporter.

Our aim is to be a trusted partner in the regional trading of livestock by offering the benefits of our scale and experience, along with our ability to provide a single transporter option in the movement of stock in and out of farms, sale yards, and meat works.

As a NAIT Accredited Information Provider, we can also take care of the reporting requirements for moving stock between locations, by having our drivers do the scanning of RFID tags. The information is then downloaded through FROST and passed on to NAIT.

Animal Welfare.

We take our responsibility for the humane treatment of animals seriously. Our drivers are experienced stock handlers and we have an exemplary track record with adherence to Animal Welfare legislation. We are one of only a few livestock transport operators that has their crates re-certified regularly during their lifetime as opposed to only at initial production.

Crates are built to the correct heights for animal comfort. They are covered, well ventilated, and fitted with the right floor types. They are also well maintained and cleaned every day they are in use. The standard of our livestock crates is paramount – after all, that’s what looks after your stock on the road.

Agricultural and General Cartage.

With a fleet of 90 trucks, Farmers Transport is well equipped to meet the diverse requirements of rural cartage.

As well as livestock, we cart a host of other loads including large-scale process crops (from field to factory), maize, silage, wool and machinery.

We are also a carrier of bulk fertiliser throughout the North Island. Trucks fitted with hoist units can access most on-farm fertiliser bins and are also used for spreading metal on farm tracks and access ways.

Ground Spreading.

Farmers Transport has a fleet of five purpose built ground spreaders servicing properties from Gisborne down to Woodville.
They are all Spreadmark certified for the full range of fertilisers and each is fitted with TRACMAP – the industry standard in technology for ensuring even and accurate spreading.

Driver Training.

Driving trucks on rural roads requires a specialist set of skills for dealing with the massive variances in loads, roads and terrain.

As well as meeting the requirements of the industry standard Graduated Licensing Programme (Class 1 to 5), all new drivers at Farmers Transport must pass our own internal competence tests. These are assessed by our in house trainer, who also provides ongoing training and monitoring to ensure that our driving standards are high.


We take a responsible approach to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

Our efforts include a scheduled maintenance programme for our vehicles to help reduce emissions, and a significant investment in stock effluent treatment both on truck and at our depots to ensure that effluent is contained and disposed of in the right way.